Welcome Message

    As the local chief Executive of this Barangay Malabia, City of Balanga I am Proud to announce that finally we are now connected to the internet world. This year is really a remarkable year having our website launched for the very first time, of course this would not have been possible without the MISO, who is powering this site as well as in their effort  in helping us get familiarized with the internet world as well.

    Malabia upon my first assumption to office in the year 2007, is very much laid back when it comes to improvements. With its rapid changes since my administration started, this barangay is soaring high and will continue to soar even higher reaching out its momentum and be one of the well developed barangay in the City of Balanga, if not in the entire nation. The progress that we have achieved was realized through the continuous efforts that we have exerted and of course is a by-product of our vision, a bright and prosperous Malabia.

    Even with meager financial resources that we have, it did not prevent us from moving forward, in doing what is best and expect only what is best for all the constituents, instead it drives to even work harder to be able to achieve what we have envisioned for this Barangay. we dont just dream, so with my persistence coupled with my strong determination to achieve even more specially on our development goals, we keep on sourcing out funds from outside the locality, from the national level because we believe that the world is tapped with all its resources to be shared to those who are in dire need to make this world a better place to live in and all we need to do is to explore, use, and expound what has have existed since the beginning.

    And in addressing to one of the major problem that we face, utilizing all our resources and capacities to improve the delivery of services. we believe eventually we will abolish all forms of human poverty. we know this would not be very easy task but still we hoped that we will be able to overcome all these challenges.

    With "Barangay Mo, Ipagmalaki Mo!" as my tagline, i humbly wish that what I am advocating to all government employees and private sectors of this barangay will be a dream come true.