1. Repair and Maintenance of Malabia Water System.

2. Renovation of Barangay Hall.

3. Construction of new Barangay health center.

4. Construction of new Barangay Senior citizens building.

5. Quarterly Implementation of decloging and cleaning of canals.

6. Quarterly water examination of Barangay water system.

7. Rehabilitation of Barangay street lights.

8. Construction of new Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) building.

Medical Mission

PPD Screening headed by the “Bataan Pediatic Society” and Malabia Brgy. Council.

Free FBS and free Urinalysis at Brgy. Malabia, Balanga City on April 09, 2009


Health Teachings and Lecture on Proper Diet among with urinary tract infections headed by Ms. Almano of the City Health Office