Background of the Agency

        From the Barangay Chairman to the Kagawad Members, from the Treasurer down to the Secretary, virtually everyone was doing their best to meet the needs of their constituents and give the service which they really deserve.

        During the years past they were serving the community, they have a lot of accomplishments done, like the construction of comfort room in basketball court, improvement of Barangay Hall, repainting of basketball courts and stage, open canals, drainage and sidewalks. They also regularized the collection of garbage through the support of the City Government, grass cutting of vacants lots, fumigation, cleaning of manholes, drainages and open canals, the beautification of the environment and most importantly serviced the people who made it possible what Barangay Malabia is today.

        Construction of new senior citizens building. Barangay health center and rehabilitation of electrical lights (basketball court), extension of Barangay hall kitchen, construction of Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and additional Roof extension of basketball court.  

        The Sangguniang Barangay is headed by Barangay Chairman Jesus G. Jimenez
        The budget received by the agency were subdivided for the following:

    • acquisition of materials use of infrastructure projects
    • improvement/concreting of the canals, manholes and drainage system
    • appropriation of 10% SK fund shares
    • appropriation of 5% calamities
    • supplies and equipment of Peace and Order/ Disaster Brigades
    • current operating expenses such as bills and programs/activities
    • cleanliness and beautification
    • health/environment protection
    • education
    • livelihood
    • repair and maintenance of equipments, office supplies and materials
    • compensation of the Sanggunian members as wells as the staff and laborers

        The barangay also received complaints from the public and provide information required and eventually performs immediate actions.